The epasit GmbH develops and produces special building materials for rehabilitation, renovation and modernization.
With its individual solutions for the protection and rehabilitation of buildings, the medium-sized company guarantees
quality and innovation for more than 50 years now.
From the idea and the development to the production and the quality assurance, the customer finds at epasit everything
under one roof. Therefore, the manufacturer of building materials is able to tailor the products exactly according to the
customer's request.

The Bratislava castle, the president's palace in St. Petersburg or the Akko market in Israel - a lot of historical buildings,
churches, castles and whole town centres are examples of the successful application of the know-how and special
building materials from epasit. To establish the special position as an innovative market leader, epasit invests pur-
posively in the future and consequently advances its environmentally compatible and recyclable building materials.

History of the building material specialist

Founded in 1957 by the pioneer of chemical products for the building industry Erich Epple, the company made itself a
name as an innovative think tank by developing new solutions for building materials. With waterproofings on a mineral
basis epasit revolutionized the construction engineering during the years of economic miracle.

From the 1970ies on, epasit opened new business fields by introducing the epasit injection
resins. This substance simply glues all chinks in concrete and is for example used to rehabilitate swimming pools.

In the meantime, the epasit GmbH is grown into a medium-sized company and employs more than 45 people in the
Swabian Ammerbuch-Altingen near Stuttgart.


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