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Historische Stadtansicht 1896. Quelle: Stadtarchiv Koblenz
Restliche Bilder Fa. epasit.


Contemporary witness
'Deutscher Kaiser' : Late Gothic residence tower comprehensively

The residence tower 'Deutscher Kaiser' is one of the most imposing late Gothic buildings of the Koblenz old town. During its costly rehabilitation, the renovation plaster and sandstone rehabilitation system as well as sealing and waterproof plasters of the building material specialist epasit stood, among other things, the test.

Since the 19th century the residence tower accomodates in the Gothic vault of the ground floor a restaurant to which it owes its name: Deutscher Kaiser. The stately tower stands at the Mosel bank, a few hundred meters before the river merges with the Rhine at the 'Deutsches Eck'. This exposed position causes the building trouble for centuries, for regularly the river overflows its banks and floods the building at the Mosel promenade - this also happened during the rehabilitation work in 2011. Not only moisture, but also environmental influences gnawed at the historical building substance and thus it was decided after a comprehensive survey and planning to rehabilitate the building. The work lasted from 2007 to 2011.

Preservation of monuments and
supplementary annex

Since the considerable destruction of the Koblenz old town in 1944 the object has been detached and in the course of the rehabilitation it received once again a neighbouring building. The transition between new and old has optically been designed artful, for example with bright sandstone straps at the facade of the new building. 'The rehabilitation and preservation of the historical substance had to be in harmony with the supplementary building agreed upon. This problem was solved successfully by means of optically flowing transitions and an elaborate mural at the northern facade', Jan Stafiej, manager of Stafiej & Stafiej Baulogistik, Lahnstein, the company responsible for the facades and interior finishing work, explained. First of all, doubts regarding the statics caused several building freezes; these doubts, however, could be dispelled by constructing a further building, by renovating the storey ceilings and by means of further stabilization measures.

Facade protected against flood

As everybody knows, moisture and salt in the masonry attack the building substance. Thus, the facade of the listed old building was equipped with a particularly efficient, WTA certified renovation plaster system in order to 'let evaporate' from the masonry the moisture of former and future damages caused by flood. The interior walls too have been repaired with multilayer renovation plaster stabilized with galvanized reinforcement lattices.
A material which neither locks in nor lets through water was necessary. The renovation plaster system developed by epasit shows the properties looked for - slight absorbency, good water vapor permeability, high pore volume - and favors the natural drying of the walls. 'Therewith we can guarantee that no salt efflorescences will ensue on the surfaces for the next decades', Jan Stafiej confirmes.

Sandstone rehabilitation
brings historical busts to light

In the upper floors not affected by the flood, the stone has been stabilized in the first place with sandstone hardener. To economize energy in the future the insulation plaster for rehabilitation, epasit 'sdp', was applied on it. The craftsmen structured the surfaces with patent rehabilitation plasters 'ep'. The strongly disintegrated and partly taken down battlements on the spire have been remodeled with the epasit sandstone rehabilitation system. The attentive observer will notice a multitude of lovingly restored busts of historical contemporaries. They have been remodeled with the stone milk-of-lime 'st'.

Rehabilitation and sealing of the cellar vault

Especially the cellar vaults have been protected by the craftsmen with the sealing and waterproof plaster 'epasit MineralDicht sperr' against a high load of presswater. First of all, they secured the substrate with galvanized reinforcement lattices. Chinks in the cellar vaults have been stabilized with spiral anchors. After the treatment with sandstone hardener, an efficient bonding coarse plaster could have been applied which served as a basis for the sealing and waterproof plaster as well as for the multilayer renovation plaster WTA on the inner sides.

History of the proud tower at the Mosel bank

As a late Gothic relic, the residence tower 'Deutscher Kaiser' probably stands in the old town of Koblenz since the end of the 15th century. Already during the Palatine War of Succession at the end of the 17th century it withstood the siege by the French army. Later, the building rode out the nearly full destruction of the Koblenz old town during the Second World War. Since 2002 the 'Deutscher Kaiser' is part of the UNSECO world heritage 'Oberes Mittelrheintal'. As ever, it serves as a dwelling house. The eponymous restaurant on the ground floor has been renovated too with the sandstone rehabilitation system from epasit.

epasit: Baustofflösungen aus einer Hand.

Seit mehr als 50 Jahren entwickelt und produziert die epasit GmbH Spezialbaustoffe zum Sanieren, Renovieren und Modernisieren. Die Produktpalette umfasst unter anderem die Bauwerksabdichtung, die Denkmal- und Altbausanierung sowie das Sanieren von Schimmel- und Feuchtigkeitsschäden. Auch Trinkwasserbehälter oder Schwimmbäder werden mit Erzeugnissen von epasit saniert. Mit gefragten Erfindungen für Bautenschutz und Bausanierung hat sich das Familienunternehmen als Ideenschmiede profiliert. Neben tausendfach bewährten Standardprodukten entwickelt epasit individuelle Lösungen für seine Kunden.




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