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Old plaster is removed, new windows and doors are built in.


Also the reveal boards are renewed.

New supporting beams are put in.


In a height of 3.5 m the interior is subdivided by a ceiling. epatherm boards are laid from the bottom to the top.


The interior insulation with epatherm makes progress, the boards are stored in the house..


The right wall is levelled with plaster, the other walls are already provided with indoor climate boards.


The epatherm insulating boards are filled.


On the right side the bathroom is partitioned off. There, the heating boards are mounted in the second row from the bottom, the connections for current and thermostat protrude from the wall.


Here, a comfortable climate prevails. After its renovation, the interior of the mansion is past all recognition.


With a heatable interior insulation an expensive, subsequent installation of the heating can be avoided.


1 - 10: Eigentümer
11: epasit



Mineral climate and heating boards installed.
Quality of a new building in a mansion
steeped in history

Because of a vacancy of several years, the interior of the manorial building situated in the French Jura had to be rehabilitated. With a lot of know-how it has been renovated completely. Today, a mineral interior insulation, geothermal energy and heating boards provide excellent room air conditions and the highest living quality standard.

Historical character with a modern inner life: Thus, the mansion presents itself in the Franche-Comté region after a rebuilding phase of almost two years. With know-how and attention to details, the owners created a dwelling house with a historical flair which almost offers the quality of a new building - including floor heating and geothermal energy. The occupants are especially satisfied with the room air conditions within their own four walls which are achieved by combining a strong masonry of natural stone with mineral building materials. For this, the renovation mortar epasit 5in1, the indoor climate boards epatherm etp as well as the heating boards epatherm etp/H have been used. Beside the heating boards used in the bathroom, a heat pump now supplies the 200-year old walls, all the year round, with comfortable temperatures.

Building with an eventful history

When Napoleon was retreating from Russia in 1812, in the French Jura next to a mill a two-story mansion was built. In 1949, the current owners devised the building to the Church, they constructed within the 5.80 m high drawing-room, a cinema and theatre hall with a stage and a visitor's gallery. With this step, the small village belonging to it temporarily developed into a supraregional cultural centre in the 1950s. Perhaps due to the severe censorship of the priest, who supervised the films shown, the cinema was closed after some years and the house was empty. At the beginning of the 1990's, the new owners began to use a part of the upper floor as a holiday apartment.

Rebuilding from 2010 to 2013: Straightening of the wall in the former cinema

In 2010, the owners set out to convert the sacred walls in a modern dwelling house for personal needs. An inserted ceiling was put in the former cinema in the northern half of the building. Thus, a living and dining area of 76 m² and a ceiling height of 3.50 m was created in the upper floor. The house's inner walls were laid with indoor climate boards and partly with heating boards. Firstly, the old plaster, such as synthetic resin, was knocked off. Subsequently, the masons detected that the massive walls were considerably reduced. To obtain a vertical wall as a basis for the epatherm system the walls were plastered with a mineral mortar, in places up to a thickness of 4 cm.

Interior insulation: Good for structure and climate

Well over 100 m² of climate boards of a thickness of 60 mm were applied in the total interior of the mansion. The epatherm boards can easily be cut to size at site and are mounted on the wall starting from the floor by using the glue belonging to the boards (see picture 5). The epatherm system is approved by the legal authority for construction and is often used in fields regarding the preservation of monuments. It insulates and regulates the indoor climate, as well as prevents the condensation of water and mould getting into the interior.

Retrofit unheated rooms in an easy way

As in this mansion it is often necessary in existing buildings to retrofit originally unheated rooms to living space. With epatherm such rooms can be insulated and heated at the same time: The indoor climate boards adopt the interior insulation, the appropriate wall heating boards allow an easy and effective retrofitting of heating. The heating boards consist of the same material as the indoor climate boards, however, the heating boards contain an integrated heating foil. With regards to the present object, the wall heating boards were mounted in the bathroom (see picture no. 9) and there they reliably provide for warmth since they react a lot quicker than the floor heating.

epasit: Solutions for building materials from a single source.

For more than 50 years, the epasit GmbH develops and produces special building materials for rehabilitation, renovation and modernization. The product range comprises, among other things, the waterproofing of buildings, the rehabilitation of monuments and old buildings as well as the rehabilitation of damages caused by mould and moisture. Drinking water tanks or swimming pools, too, are rehabilitated with products from epasit. With sought after inventions for building protection and building rehabilitation, the family company distinguishes itself as a think tank. In addition to thousandfold proved standard products, epasit develops individual solutions for its customers.

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