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       The epasit MineralDicht waterproof plaster, ready for use.

       Due to the tricky substrate, the spray plaster is mixed using epasit        primer emulsion and water

       Water is stirred into epasit MineralDicht sperr until smooth.

       Using trowels, the waterproof plaster is applied to the outside
        walls which come into contact with the earth.

       View of the construction site in the greenery.

       Most of the basement walls are covered with waterproof plaster.

       Thomas Haffa (Thomas Haffa Foundation) and Peter Maffay
        (Peter Maffay Foundation) in front of the new studio building.         Source: WSM-Architekten, Pöcking.

       Visualisation of the finished building.
       Source: WSM-Architekten, Pöcking.








Tabaluga House built on dry foundations
The basement of the new house built in 2013 by the Peter Maffay Foundation in Jägersbrunn, Bavaria has been sealed against ground water infiltrating under pressure using the epasit MineralDicht material system. The building is used as a therapeutic holiday home for children.

In 2013, the Peter Maffay Foundation constructed a second building, a meeting centre, in the Bavarian town of Jägersbrunn. During the construction phase, the builders coated the outside walls of the prefabricated concrete basement with sealant. Because of the high groundwater level and extreme pressure due to the surrounding lakes, the epasit MineralDicht sperr waterproof plaster was used instead of standard slurry seals.

Sealed using mineral construction materials

The waterproof plaster seals buildings and parts of buildings against water infiltrating due to pressure and capillary action. It is used in areas in direct contact with the ground up to at most 30 cm above the surface, thus also protecting against splashing water. At the new building in Jägersbrunn, about 100 m2 needed sealing. The first step taken was to treat the entire substrate with the spray plaster primer MineralSano Pro hb. Once the primer coat had hardened, the builders mixed the waterproof plaster with clean water until it was smooth. The plaster can be applied manually or with a plastering machine and is spread at least 15 mm thick to reliably protect the building foundations against water infiltrating from the ground under pressure.

An oasis for children and young people

The newly built studio is right next to the main building of the Tabaluga House, which was restored in 2010. Built in 1924, it originally held Bavaria's oldest youth hostel. Since 2011 it has been used by the Peter Maffay Foundation as a therapeutic holiday home for disadvantaged and traumatised children and young people. The site, in a nature conservation area on the foothills of the Alps in the district of Starnberg, is both an ideal retreat and a base for setting out on excursions to the woods, moors and nearby lakes.

Modern studio with a fabulous view

While the old youth hostel was being restored, the Pöcking-based WSM-Architekten architectural practice created drafts for the second building, which has now been completed. A meeting centre, it was built in 2013 as a modern cube made of wooden shingles. At the heart of the new building is a large common room where children are given therapeutic treatment and can paint, do crafts or make music together. The panoramic windows provide a lovely view of the nature conservation zone. The new building was mainly funded by donations to the Thomas Haffa Foundation, founded in 1999 to help children in need.

epasit mineral construction materials

For more than 50 years epasit has sold mineral construction material systems to seal buildings. The environmentally friendly components can be used either vertically or horizontally. As they are applied to a wet surface, they can get construction moving ahead faster. They let water vapour through but stop flowing water.

epasit: Solutions for building materials from a single source.

For more than 50 years, the epasit GmbH develops and produces special building materials for rehabilitation, renovation and modernization. The product range comprises, among other things, the waterproofing of buildings, the rehabilitation of monuments and old buildings as well as the rehabilitation of damages caused by mould and moisture. Drinking water tanks or swimming pools, too, are rehabilitated with products from epasit. With sought after inventions for building protection and building rehabilitation, the family company distinguishes itself as a think tank. In addition to thousandfold proved standard products, epasit develops individual solutions for its customers.

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