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Drinking water tank
near Heilbronn rehabilitated

At the rehabilitation of a two-chamber elevated tank, in Untergruppenbach near Heilbronn, the administration unit 'Schozach-Wasserversorgungsgruppe' backed a high-quality thick coating with only one material. The first chamber is once again in operation and the remaining works shall be finished in July 2012.

The main elevated tank of the administration unit 'Schozach-Wasserversorgungsgruppe', is situated in Untergruppenbach near Stettenfels Castle and has a total volume of 2,000 m3. From here, the districts Untergruppenbach and Obergruppenbach, Unterrheinriet and Oberrheinriet, Wüstenhausen, Auenstein, Helfenberg and Abstetter Hof as well as the whole municipality Abstatt is furnished with drinking water. In addition to its two round chambers having a diameter of 18 m each and a height of four meters each, the elevated tank has a mixing chamber in which the water coming from Lake Constance and own water are brought together. The right main chamber dates from 1972, the left chamber was already built in 1959.

Round shows softened thin coating

In 2010, all supply plants of the administration unit were examined by the engineering office Raith Plack von Scholley on its requirement of repair. On the basis of this visual inspection and an expert opinion on the concrete, the fundamental repair of the elevated tank was determined during the meeting of the Association under the chairmanship of the mayor of Untergruppenbach, Joachim Weller.
Originally, the tank walls were equipped with a mineral thin coating, which proved to be eroded and soft. In addition, corroded reinforcing steel came to light. Besides, the concrete cover was no longer up to the required standard and will be raised on all sides by three centimetres in the course of the rehabilitation. The existing plant and the process equipment will be rehabilitated as well.

General rehabilitation with mineral mortar

To get permanent surfaces in the drinking water tank cement-bound mortar is normally used. The quality of an internal coating depends decisively on the material and its meticulous processing. It is important to get an undamaged surface without penetrating pores. In addition, the film thickness should be uniform and show a surface which is as smooth and level as possible, so that soiling can deposit hardly on the surface and cleaning is easier.

Universally applicable material

With the top 300, an especially high-yielding shotcrete mortar came onto the market in 2009. It meets both the hygienic requirements in accordance with the DVGW worksheets W 270 and W 347 and the technical requirements on building materials determined in worksheet W 300/1. A handy peculiarity of the material is that the mortar can be used universally on tank walls, tank ceilings and tank bottoms. Even as a final coarse spray coating it leads to an optically and functionally convincing surface. That simplifies the material planning and prevents confusion on the construction site. Ralph Weber, responsible for the field drinking water tanks at epasit, amends: "The low modulus of elasticity and the good setting of the material guarantee the quick return to service of the water tank".

Complex rehabilitation and emergency service

In Untergruppenbach, the new wet sprayed coating applied as a thick coating has been planned as follows: ceiling 30 mm coarse spray, walls 30 mm smoothed, bottom 30 mm smoothed. After having removed the defective thin coating, the corroded reinforcing steel has firstly being smoothed. Then, the masons from the company Bauschutz from Asperg applied the mineral thick coating with a film thickness of about twice 15 mm. At the moment, the second chamber is rehabilitated analogously. All in all, around 100 tons of mortar have been used for the walls, ceilings, and bottoms of the three chambers. The rehabilitation of the first chamber, which took place already at the beginning of 2012, resulted to be particularly complex, because during the works the whole water supply had to be carried out via the left chamber and provisional arrangements for the pipe cellar had to be set up. The existing pipe cellar will also be rehabilitated and in this connection all pipes and valves will be renewed.

Water supply guaranteed

The engineer responsible for the supervision of works, Richard Raith from IRPS GbR, Stuttgart, explaines the material requests put out to tender: "We attach importance to a high-quality thick coating with a relatively low porosity". In the meantime, the rehabilitated chamber is in operation again and both the second chamber and the mixing tank can presently be rehabilitated in parallel. In July 2012, all jobs should be finished and then the completely renewed tank will be in normal operation again.

epasit: Solutions for building materials
from a single source.

For more than 50 years, the epasit GmbH develops and produces special building materials for rehabilitation, renovation and modernization. The product range comprises, among other things, the waterproofing of buildings, the rehabilitation of monuments and old buildings as well as the rehabilitation of damages caused by mould and moisture. Drinking water tanks or swimming pools, too, are rehabilitated with products from epasit. With sought after inventions for building protection and building rehabilitation, the family company distinguishes itself as a think tank. In addition to thousandfold proved standard products, epasit develops individual solution for its customers.

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